Engine Review (True/False)

(answers at bottom)

  1. In Yukon there is one scheduler per instance
  2. All system objects are owned by sys schema
  3. Metadata Service is NOT a new component in Yukon
  4. System tables are now replaced by catalog Views in Yukon
  5. SQL Server service cannot be started with out resource database
  6. System data for all user databases is materialized in master database where as metadata for system objects resides in resource database.
  7. On a server with 8 HT processors SQL Server will create 352 threads on startup.
  8. Optimizer looks at the ‘worker’ queue to determine how busy is the scheduler.
  9. Measuring PLE is irrelevant in Yukon
  10. Processor bound queries will always be faster on 64-bit in Yukon
  11. Under NUMA configuration if SQL Server runs out of memory on the node then SQL Server will return ‘out of memory’ error
  12. Optimizer does not consider HT when deciding DOP
  13. Yukon does statement level recompile for all batches
  14. Async auto update stats is OFF by default


Answer Key: 1.F, 2.T, 3.T, 4.F, 5T, 6.F, 7.T, 8.F, 9.F, 10.F, 11.F, 12.T, 13.T, 14.T