I categorize SQLCentric as one of this featured tool that can help an Organization to monitor the SQL Server estate without worrying about huge budgets or look for cost cutting measures. I felt the SQLCentric application is useful network monitoring software that reduces the time and money spent on network/server management and administration...
Satya Shyam K Jayanty

It would be very difficult for me to overstate the benefits of deploying SQLCentric. Now that I have been successfully using SQLCentric for several months, I can't imagine managing multiple SQL Servers effectively without it.
Bryan Nally

I have known and worked with Robert for many years now. I consider him a friend and valuable professional resource. As CEO of Mithril Technology, a Managed Services Provider, I make decisions that impact the health and well being of my clients' businesses every day. One decision I have not nor will ever hesitate to make is the call to Robert when there is a database involved. He and his company, Pearl Knowledge Solutions, Inc., have always responded with the highest level of professionalism and dedication to detail. They provide documentation, and security is always foremost on their minds when dealing with sensitive data systems. Simply put when database expertise is required, Robert is my first call.
Jason Aptekar

Best Alerting or Notification Software and Best Database-Monitoring Software. Pearl Knowledge Solutions' SQLCentric won two administration categories. Readers said they "love the Web interface" of this database-monitoring and alerting system, which lets you manage your SQL Servers through your company's intranet without disrupting database functions. The interface lets you manage multiple named SQL Server instances, groups, and email operators and configure runtime parameters and disk-alert thresholds. The alerting function integrates with your organization's email system to send timely alerts. The product is cluster-aware, displaying the name of each node in a SQL Server 2000 cluster and alerting you when a cluster failover occurs. Readers said SQLCentric provides "excellent SQL Server monitoring capability" and is a "great tool for the price."
SQL Server Magazine's 2004 Reader's Choice

Robert's SQL Server knowledge as a system DBA is outstanding. He certainly would be someone I would consider if I were looking for a DBA either on-site or off-site (using a form of Remote DBA Services).
Chuck Kelley

Thanks again... your support is top notch and so is your product!
Tom Kestell

As CIOs, we must make smart budget decisions everyday that cut costs without impeding business operations. Database management is one such area where costs savings can be achieved. One way to help is to consider fixed cost managed database services, where we could save thousands of dollars and pay a flat-monthly fee, while the MSP (managed service provider) takes care of your database servers. One such provider is Pearl Knowledge Solutions, Inc. If you are looking for a fixed cost managed database service, I would recommend giving them a call.
Arun Manansingh

I want to thank you for responding so quickly to the problem we were having with the database. I just can't believe how fast you eliminated the problem which then allowed us to continue with our daily routine. Thank you for explaining what had to be done and it was very informative.
Rich Mosback

SQLCentric picked up the Silver Award for best Performanace Monitoring Product in the 2010 SQL Server Magazine Community Choice Awards.
SQL Server Magazine's 2010 Community Choice Awards

While at Cardinal, I purchased SQLCentric. Expert knowledge in the product and SQL, enabled us to fully implement SQLcentric to monitor over 30 SQL 2005 clusters located across the US. Thanks!
Peter Akwichek Sr.